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Infrastructure Engineering, Procuring, Installation, Securing and Testing

GC&E Federal provides technical solutions and services on mission-critical projects for federal and commercial clients. GC&E Federal performs Engineering, Procuring, Installation, Securing and Testing (EPIST) projects for both commercial and Government clients. GC&E Federal recognized from the outset that the dynamic growth and convergence in communications and IT/networks across all markets worldwide would create a huge market for more efficient and economical infrastructure solutions. This vision drove GC&E Federal to become an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) partner for leading edge infrastructure products, resulting in it becoming one of a few small businesses offering turnkey and full life-cycle solutions in the industry. Representative support provided during the typical delivery process for and EPIST project includes:

  • Client Consultation and Site Survey
  • Project Engineering to include design, specifications, drawings, logistics planning, and milestone schedule
  • Furnishing to include material sourcing and pricing, procurement and temporary storage, and security
  • Installation to include staffing, tooling, equipping, transporting, scheduling, and execution
  • Testing to include functional and visual quality checks and inspections; and finally client acceptance.
  • Optional: User training in the operation and maintenance of installed systems

Typical EFIT projects include: Data Centers, Operations Centers, Digital Classrooms, Digital Conference Rooms, Command Centers, Disaster Recovery Center (DRC), Incarceration Facilities, Public/Private School Facilities, Airports, Government Buildings, Installation Processing Node (IPN), Technical Control Facility (TCF), and Sensitive Compartmental Information Facility (SCIF).